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Blog Help for Business Mums

Very few emerging businesses have time to write their own blog. A blog is an awesome content marketing tool and sounds best coming from real life and personal experience.

One of my specialties (and something I LOVE doing) is providing blog help for business Mums.

Regular updating of your website or social media is essential for a number of reasons.

1.       It increases your SEO ranking level for the keywords you use, as search engines are able to recognise you often and organically as true content.

2.       It keeps your followers watching you, and peaks the interest of new people because they can see how often you connect.

3.       It makes what you have to say far more relevant.

Many of us will adopt that grand idea of adding a blog to our pages, thinking, ‘Sure, I’m witty and people like to hear what I’m up to. How hard can it be?’

Keeping your blog fresh constantly is harder than you first think

Haphazardly, you can probably produce some clever commentary, but keeping your blog fresh is actually a little bit tougher than you think. Some reasons for this may be:

·         It can be difficult to think of new topics and themes on a regular basis that will grab your followers’ attention

·         Writing may not come as naturally to you as you think

·         There are literally millions of bloggers out there that you are competing with, a very select few of which are good enough to be successful as bloggers

·         You might be a little bit preoccupied with the business of actually running your business to post random musings on your Facebook page

·         Oh my goodness, who has the time and inclination to update a blog anyway?

Studies have shown that to be high performing, a blog has to be updated every day. Some of us can aspire to a weekly update at best, while other businesses just fling updates around wily-nilly with no discernible prose or pattern. As a prime example, I am terrible at updating my own blog.

I can write and regularly update your blog for you

The reason for my failures with my blog are a bit of good news for you however; it’s because I’m spending all my time writing blogs for my clients instead of writing my own. It might be time for you to admit that you don’t have time for this, and outsource your blogging and social media management to an expert; like me!

Business Mum Life: Bliss and Bonkers all at once

When I provide blog help for business Mums, I write as much or as little as you need.

The experience of being a business Mum is a very particular one – complex and exhausting and rewarding as nothing else can be.

It is this shared experience that will connect with your audience, and that means I can easily tap into what you want to say. I then present this in your own words (without you having to do all of the hard writing work!)

A copywriter can come up with themes and blog topics, as well as the content you need, and can even be left in charge of uploading the posts. A good copywriter will work to capture your voice, so that anything posted in your name rings true to your individual personality and to the unique message of your business.

You shouldn’t need to worry about anything, except how to deal with all the extra clients this sensational blogging will bring in!

See some of my reviews from other business Mums

If you are looking for a content writer who specialises in blog help for business Mums, I am the Bossmum for you.