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Content Marketing Tips

Treat your audience like people: copywriting is for humans

Write for people first. There is a lot of mathematics involved in getting your website or blog to the first page of a search engine, but it’s a whole other thing entirely to reach people and get sales.

Good SEO is just one part of the puzzle; you always need to remember that ultimately you are speaking to people, not computers.

People can tell if something is clickbait or just stuffed with keywords, and although this might get you to the first page of Google, it won’t get you any further.

Your copy needs to be interesting, relevant and enticing to get people to click through to your page and then convert into sales. You need to speak to their needs and emotions, and aim to inform, persuade or entertain.

Treat them with respect

Good copy is intelligent, correct and bursting with facts which are of actual use to your customers. Treat your customers like they are intelligent also (because they are!)

Create copy as though it is for a friend who you highly respect; make sure your facts are correct, your sources are referenced, and your spelling and grammar are spot on. It should read easily, like a conversation, but still be correct.

Don’t lie to your potential customers. Always be honest about what you can offer them, because if there’s one thing that the internet does well it is give bad reviews. Poor custom will always come back to bite you.

Always be updating

Good SEO may get you to the first page of the search engine, but the articles that people are most likely to click on from there are those which are the most recent. Your information should be up to date, as with the internet every second there is someone posting newer stuff than you.

Your blogs should be updated at least weekly. Research shows that the most successful blogs in terms of attracting and converting readers are those that are always offering something new to read.

If you don’t have the time or the energy or a natural way with prose then look into outsourcing your copy to keep your blogs up to date; contact me for instance!