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25 Guidelines for living in the New Year

  1. Just breathe
  2. Don’t do anything you don’t want to do just to please someone else
  3. Acknowledge and encourage your children’s emotions
  4. Do this for yourself as well
  5. ‘Normal’ is a swear word. So is ‘pretty’. Don’t use them.
  6. ‘Crud nuggets’ on the other hand is perfectly acceptable, as are ‘sh*t’ and ‘f*ck’
  7. Be kind
  8. Be yourself
  9. Be kind to yourself
  10. Worry and regret are a complete waste of time. They fix nothing and only rob you of peace in this moment.
  11. Connect with your children every day
  12. Face the things that make you uncomfortable
  13. Speak with care about yourself, your daughters are listening
  14. No phone in the bedroom
  15. Do something you love every day
  16. Don’t apologise for anything unless it is your fault
  17. Make the decisions every day that follow your values
  18. Be proud of yourself and your actions, and if you are not, then change them
  19. Work hard, laugh harder and continue to learn and grow
  20. 8 cups of tea a day is probably enough
  21. Be well first, be a boss mum second, and everything else comes after
  22. Don’t take criticism from anyone that you wouldn’t seek advice from
  23. You can’t control other people’s behaviour, but you can control your own response
  24. Don’t let your fears make your life smaller
  25. Be honest about how you are, and Ask for help