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25 Guidelines for living in the New Year

Just breatheDon’t do anything you don’t want to do just to please someone elseAcknowledge and encourage your children’s emotionsDo this for yourself as well‘Normal’ is a swear word. So is ‘pretty’. Don’t use them.‘Crud nuggets’ on the other hand is perfectly acceptable, as are 'sh*t'

Work-Life Balance

How to actually be able to WORK from home. While I admit that working from home is the dream, practically it is a lot harder than it sounds. When you are working from home it is far too tempting to do housework or watch Netflix, or get side-tracked

Content Marketing Tips

Treat your audience like people: copywriting is for humans Write for people first. There is a lot of mathematics involved in getting your website or blog to the first page of a search engine, but it’s a whole other thing entirely to reach people and get

Blog Help for Business Mums

Very few emerging businesses have time to write their own blog. A blog is an awesome content marketing tool and sounds best coming from real life and personal experience. One of my specialties (and something I LOVE doing) is providing blog help for business Mums. Regular updating